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Learn About Casino
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How do online scratchcards work?
Virtual scratchcards work in exactly the same way as their real life counterparts, but without the need for a coin to scratch away the top coating. Players purchase a scratchcard of their choice from the wide selection available, then "rub" at the top surface of the card to reveal numbers or symbols beneath. The way to win varies depending on the type of scratchcard available. Some may require you to reveal three equal cash prizes (in which case you receive that prize); others may need you to match a symbol or number with one of the numbers which the scratching reveals. In other cases, particular combinations of numbers and/or symbols may be needed for a win. Each scratchcard has a slightly different way of winning, so make sure you check the details before making your final choice.
Beginner Tips
Learn the basics: You must know the basics of the game before you get down to playing it.
Manage your bankroll: Ensure that you spread out your wagers carefully. Low bets to start with may be a good idea if you are a beginner; that way you can feel your way through the game and if you lose the first few hands you still have money at hand to carry on.
Learn to quit: Carry on further and you stand the chance to lose more than you probably should have. Quitting also works if you are ahead – you at least get to keep your winnings and not lose it all later on.
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