The race for automatic promotion: The Championship contenders
  • 2020-02-28 19:44:08
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The race for automatic promotion: The Championship contenders

The race for automatic promotion: The Championship contenders

If you're already bored of the 2019/20 Premier League season you can be forgiven. Liverpool have absolutely walked away with the league, the rest of the pack are as erratic as they are uninspiring, and the usual suspects - aside from maybe West Ham - are clogging up the relegation spaces.

Many people are just waiting for the league to end and the transfer window to open, but hold your horses: there is another league, not too far away, that is still very much up for grabs! The Championship, which is arguably the most consistently exciting division in the UK, is only just heating up, so let's take a look at the contenders for automatic promotion, and what they have to offer.

1. West Brom (1/18)

If you're looking for a very, very, VERY safe bet, then you should go all out on West Brom getting automatic promotion. They are currently top of the league, four points ahead of Leeds and nine ahead of third-placed Fulham, and are undoubtedly the most consistent, potent and sturdy side in the league. They absolutely will get promoted - you could bet your house on it.

2. Leeds (1/9)

I'll be honest in stating that I cannot believe Leeds have such good odds because though they are currently second, and are on a three-game winning streak, the Whites are always liable to collapse. Now that I've said that they'll probably end up getting promoted and winning the league...

3. Fulham (23/10)

Fulham's form has been patchy of late, and they rely far, far too heavily on star striker Aleksandar Mitrovi?, but that probably shouldn't come as much of a surprise given he's the league's most clinical forward. Personally, I think Fulham will end up in the playoffs, and they'll end up losing to the next side in this list.

4. Brentford (6/4)

I just have a feeling about Brentford this year. Don't ask me why, because I couldn't tell you, but I just get the impression that they've got more to give and that they want it that little bit more. If you fancy a tasty outside bet, go for the Bees.

Outside of that, I can't see anyone getting into the automatic spots, but if you fancy taking a bit of a punt, why not go for Blackburn at 22/1? They certainly have the capacity to string together a series of decent results, and though it would also require two or three other sides to slip up, it COULD happen. Maybe this would be a good choice for a free bet if you have one!