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UK Government Provides Guidelines For Staying Safe While Gambling Online

The UK Government is keen to protect people from the potential harm that can be caused by gambling. The Gambling Commission, regulator of gambling activities, has issued a reminder to everyone who enjoys this pastime that they should keep themselves safe whenever playing. Finding the best bet casino free slots are just one of the ways people can try out online gambling with less risk. Information on where you can find this kind of free bet casino can be found on websites like Your Free Bet.

In the guidelines, the UK Gambling Commission stresses that it wants to ensure that people can enjoy the pastime while staying safe at the same time. The Commission further signposts to organisations and sources of support for people who are struggling to control a gambling habit.

These include the National Gambling Helpline, which is operated by GamCare. The team there offers confidential support, advice and information on issues related to gambling. The helpline is open 24/7 and can be contacted by phone or through a Live Chat facility.

Another organisation they recommend for support is the National Problem Gambling Clinic. This is part of the National Gambling Treatment Service and is commissioned by GambleAware and NHS England working in partnership. The clinics goal is to drive existing models of treatment and develop new psychological therapies to assist problematic gamblers. Their services include individual psychological support, couples' behavioural therapy, support groups, medication, and aftercare.

The NHS Northern Gambling Service, or Northern Gambling Clinic as it's sometimes referred to, offers specialist addiction therapy and recovery to people who are being rehabilitated after a gambling addiction.

The regulator also recommends that people who are finding themselves in debt or struggling to cope financially as a result of a gambling problem should reach out to the Money Advice Service and Debt Advice Foundation.

Families who are affected by an individual with an unhealthy gambling habit can talk to trained counsellors by contacting the Counselling Directory or the Samaritans.

To anyone feeling overwhelmed who has admitted that gambling is a problem area for them, the UK GC makes the recommendation that they talk to someone independent who is not involved in the situation. Professionals from charitable organisations can help find a solution to the problem.

The Commission suggests that its worth thinking about why a person is tempted to gamble in the first place. Reasons for gambling change over time. Considering your motivations can be a good way of determining whether its purely a social activity or has become a habit.

The regulator stresses that gambling should never be used in an attempt to improve your personal financial situation. Your motivation should not be because you believe it will help you to escape debt or make money fast. If you currently have debts and need financial advice it is far better to talk to people who can offer you practical and safe advice.

Another way to make sure you keep your gambling under control is to calculate how often you're engaged in the activity over the course of a week or a month. This helps you keep track of how much of your time it's taking up. If you gamble online, the websites you use are obliged to provide you with statistics on when you last gambled, how much money you spend on average in each session, the frequency of your gambling, and how much time you spend on their websites.

The information you gather will help you take control of how much you play so you can make more educated decisions about your behaviours and set better limits for yourself.

For instance, you could put a limit on your spending - something that most gambling websites support with a feature that stops you from continuing after you have reached a set financial limit. Capping your spending and losing means you know when to stop. You can also make use of the many best bet casino free slots offers on the market so that you can play without spending or spending less.

If you find yourself playing on gaming sites too often, set break times and close the website. Go away and do something different to take your mind off gambling.

Keeping a clear mind in this way will reduce the likelihood of you becoming dependent on gambling. In extreme cases, the UK GC recommends you take a six-week break to try and stop the habit.

Before using any online gambling website, players should carefully read the terms and conditions, something the UK GC says that 80% of gamblers do not do. But it's critical that you take the time to educate yourself because it will make you more aware of what you are gambling on, what restrictions are in place, and whether there are promotions or bonus offers on the website. All in all, the terms and conditions will mean you're more informed as to whether this is a good website to use and helps you make better decisions on your gambling too.

Alongside this, gamblers should also check whether the sites they are playing on are both legitimate and regulated. Any registered gambling website has to take steps to protect the consumer by law under the gambling protection rules in the UK.

Gambling businesses have to indicate whether they are licensed or not and must include a link to the UK GC's public register. Consulting the register allows players to see what types of activities the website offers. It will also tell site users whether a particular service provider has any black marks against them or has been subject to any regulatory actions.

Finally, the UK GC warns that you should never share any personal details with a third party when opening an online gambling account.

Of course, gambling websites require users to confirm their identity, but you should not provide personal information to someone else who's promising to set up an account on your behalf.

If someone other than the service provider itself asks you for this information to open a new online gambling account, they may be trying to avoid restrictions on their own gambling activities. They may also be trying to gain additional bonuses for new users on other websites, or they may have criminal intent, such as money laundering, match fixing, or fraud. You may be offered financial incentives to hand over your personal data, but you should resist. If you don't, there are increased risks of identity theft, an adverse effect on your own credit rating and even of becoming involved in illegal activity.

Before typing in or disclosing any personal details or bank account numbers, you should check you are dealing directly with the service provider and that they have the right controls to keep your data safe.

Safe and Sure Bets

Gambling can be a highly enjoyable pastime, provided you're aware of the risks and take steps to avoid them. One of the most secure ways of gambling online is to find a reputable and regulated website. Starting here will ensure that you can enjoy your time playing and know when to stop.

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